Here you will find some examples to demonstrate the different functionalities of the *FormEngine.

Explore the skill variety and ability to combine renderer or the diverse possibilities which arise as a result of calculators and validators fusion. Beside simple data types there are groups and repeats as structural elements of the submit components that help to control the page sequence. An interface allows to embed external data into the representation of the Renderer within option lists and tree structures.

It is to be noted that in the use of the example forms - while sending - the actual form instance is closed and this form cannot be processed any further. By use of the back-button an error message occur, informing that already closed form cannot be used any more. Therefore is a button in the following sites that linked back to the example form although new form instance will be produced and displayed.
(By using *FormEngine it is very well possible to open already closed forms with the data contained once more. Nevertheless, this functionality is not used in the examples, in order to remove it fast from the memory.)