The license terms of the FormEngine have changed for the commercial use since version 2.0. Please note the information in the license area.

What is the *FormEngine?

The *FormEngine is a Java Web Framework that enables simple definition and processing of complex and dynamic forms. The processing of a form involves the verification of the input data, calculation of the input based on the information from other input fields as well as dynamic activation or hiding of the data fields depending on the user input.

Advantages of the *FormEngine

Easy integration to any servlet container

The advantage of the *FormEngine in comparison to other frameworks is an easy integration of the forms. There is no need to adjust your whole web application in order to use the framework. The generated forms can be embedded into your own application at any arbitrary area.

High performance

The internal data management allows fast interpretation of component correlations among each other. Changes of a current state, new calculations and validations can be accomplished fast despite the client-server communication.

Resources friendly

The separation of form definition and instances enables to minimize the need of memory. Renderers are implemented thread-safe. This allows a simultaneous use of the same renderer in multiple form instances of a single definition.

The life cycle of a form is limited to a view of the HTML page in which the form is embedded. The server communication takes place via Ajax, including the final submits of the validated data, so that there is no need of further request-cycles for the page. This allows building up the remaining page contexts regardless of the life cycle of the forms.

Further information

The imatics Software GmbH developed this framework to fit the requirements of the *ProcessSuite within automatic form generation. The consistent generic approach results in ability of simple form development with the possibility of integration into XHTML pages. The definition of the form structure can take place in a XML file or dynamically via API during the runtime.

On this website you will find the information about the functionality of the *FormEngine in different use-cases with the possibilities of the server-side validation, calculations and changes of the current state.
If you are interested in using the *FormEngine in your own projects or in case of any other questions about functionality do not hesitate to contact us.


New version 2.0.1 with new validators and renderers and the support of xi:include.

Small example project with some demo forms in download area.

New version 2.0 with changed licensing model.
New features for instance are dynamic renderer paramerers and a new component type for GPS coordinates.

New example form for using a suggestor in TextRenderer.